There is a minimum charge of £30.00 for basting and edge-to-edge quilting services.

For semi-custom and custom quilting there is a £50.00 minimum charge.


For hand quilters and/ or home machine quilters. A grid of large basting stitches approximately 4 inches apart will temporarily hold all three layers together. Water-soluble thread makes them easy to remove once your quilting is complete.

£1.00 per sq. ft.


Also known as pantograph or all-over quilting. Choose any single design to be repeated across the entire quilt, from side to side and top to bottom, regardless of blocks, seams or piecing.

I offer all edge-to-edge designs at the same price and have thousands of patterns to choose from.

£2.00 per sq. ft.


Choose one edge-to-edge design to fill the main body of the quilt as described above, then choose a second complimentary design to flow from corner to corner, continuously around the outer border of the quilt.

£3.00 per sq. ft.


Multiple, bespoke designs in blocks, sashing and borders, using the piecework of the quilt as inspiration. Includes techniques such as stitch-in-the-ditch, continuous curves, cross-hatching, feathers, motifs and intricate background fills.

From £4.00 per sq. ft.

Preparation and Repair Work

Pressing top and/ or backing fabric, squaring-up backing fabric, attaching framing strips to undersize backing fabric, re-attaching uneven borders, repairing open seams, trimming excessive loose threads, general machine piecing, etc.

£15.00 per hour, minimum 1 hr charge