Well begun is half done?!?

Well begun is half done?!?

I’m not entirely sure that the adjectives printed on this coffee mug are an accurate description of my personality, but the one thing that is correct is my name …

I am Amanda, and I quilt … In fact I love to quilt … I also love to talk about quilting …

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I have finally taken the plunge, clicked on the ‘publish’ button and entered the Blogosphere!

My plans are for my blog to be an online journal, a showcase for my work, somewhere to share and talk about things that interest me, and other people’s work that I love.

I’m not anticipating that my blog posts will make any significant dent in the universe, but hopefully, if I’m lucky, other people will read them, and if I’m very lucky, other people will read them and find them interesting in some way.

I might also write about my life – family, pets, travels, work, and the like – simply for the fun of sharing!

Please bear with me as I continue to tweak my plugins and fine-tune my widgets, I’ll apologise in advance …I’m no WordPress whizz, I’m relying on these two books and a computer savvy teenage daughter to help me get this website up and running!

Fingers-crossed, over the next couple of days (and as if by magic) links should appear in the sidebar, making it possible for you to follow me here on my blog, and also on my Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter accounts – if you’d like to of course …

In the meantime though, I intend to spend today shopping for fabrics and notions, whilst looking at all of the beautiful quilt and embroidery exhibits on display at the British Quilt and Stitch Village 2016 at Uttoxeter Racecourse, perhaps I’ll see you there?

Amanda X